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Someone once asked who are you, and why are you here?

WE ARE the official supporters’ section of FC Buffalo.
WE ARE here to support our team, our sport and our city.
WE ARE extremely loud, proud, noticeable, and (semi-) respectful supporters who provide a one-of-a-kind gameday experience with chants, banners, drums, vuvuzelas, trombones,voices and a cowbell.
WE ARE the 12th man.
WE ARE responsible for #HateErie.
WE ARE located on the left side of All-High Stadium on an FC Buffalo gameday.

WE ARE NOT an exclusive club; our membership consists of anyone with the gumption to stand up and sing with us.  If you think you are a member of THE SITUATION ROOM, you are.
WE ARE NOT “for profit”.

WE ARE #ForOurCity.